July Happenings!

Folks! The year is more than half-way over! Whaaaaaaaa....!

Things at Prism are coming together. After some hiccups with website hosts and internet providers, we now have our online home here! This will be the place for members and subscribers to get the news about Prism first. Folks will also be able to interact with each other through their own posts and forums. This will make things like Book Club, Writer's Workshop, Reiki Training and your personal sessions with Stann seamless across your devices. You'll have everything related to your work with Prism right here 24/7. The Members-Only access will also provide links to external resources. The Library will be the place to dig deeper in your work supported by Librarian-vetted sources and information. More coming on that soon!

Healing House in Historic Downtown Las Cruces has gotten some upgrades as well. You'll now have your choice of 3 different Reiki treatment positions; floor, chair, or table-based. Some folks enjoy the traditional floor-based experience (lying or sitting up) to feel grounded with the Earth. Let us know if you are more comfortable sitting up in a chair to receive treatment. Recently we added table service. This is Reiki on a lifted massage table, so your body is able to lie supine or prone, a considerable height from the floor. All treatment positions welcome the addition of any props that you like; a blanket, pillows, eye mask, earplugs, scented lotion, etc. Your comfort is our FIRST priority!

Let me be the first to welcome you to your healing journey with Prism Wellness Works.

We are so happy you're here! xo<Stann3

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