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Try Dry July

Do you want to make more conscious decisions in your daily life? Are you interested in learning more about the patterns in your life as a whole? Consider this an opportunity to 'experiment' with yourself. For 40 days, one variable is added or removed from your daily routine to provide a controlled environment for your observations. This group is meant to be judgement-free, compassionate and kind; with ourselves and with each other.

You are invited to join us!

We will take 40 days for you to explore your relationships with your habits and eliminate something specific. Or for you to introduce a new behavior that you would like to make habit.

Examples one may choose to remove include: alcohol, recreational drugs, sugary foods, coffee.

New habit building: adding more vegetables to your diet, practicing a craft or hobby, a new skincare routine. You are limited only by your imagination!

Please note that this is not an appropriate group for folks who are experiencing addiction to a substance or behavior. Stann is not a psychologist, medical doctor, or nurse practitioner. If you need help finding resources where you are, please reach out.


July 1 – August 9 , 2022


Zoom, Telegram, Comfort of your Own Home

What You Will Get

Telegram group access

One-on-one sessions with Stann

Group sessions with peers

Access to all Prism services for the duration included for FREE

Access to resources built throughout the course

Cost for 6 weeks; $600, payment plans available upon request.

Policies, Privacy and Protocols

One-on-one slots will be made available for first-come first serve appointments. The calendar will be made live each Sunday evening for registration. If you have conflict in your schedule for the proposed time, reach out and we will work with you.

Group Sessions are highly encouraged but not required. We will determine a set of possible dates when the cohort is full. Telegram will be available 24/7 to connect with your peers and with Stann. Group will be expected to maintain the privacy of others during sessions. A contract for all participants will be provided to detail these protocols. This is a live document and will be shared with the cohort at its completion.

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